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FAQs about Permanent Cosmetics:

This web page will give you some helpful insight and answer some of the most commonly asked questions people have when they are considering permanent make-up.

Who is a candidate for Permanent Cosmetics?
Permanent cosmetics are ideal for: 

The woman who won't be seen without her make-up.

Allergic persons who can now have beautiful, lined eyes without the watery, itchy reactions usually associated with eye make-up.
Wearers of contact lenses can be relieved of irritating flakiness with permanent lash lining.
Those on the go.  Why stop your activities to apply or retouch lash liner?  Look your best at all times.
The woman with poor vision or arthritis who has difficulty with her makeup applications.
Sports-minded women who no longer have to worry about smudging or running during workouts.  With Permanent Cosmetic Makeup, your make-up always looks freshly applied.
Post-operative individuals who need pigment matching, camouflaging and/or areola reconstruction.
By simply enhancing nature, your permanent pigment will always be "in style".  Of course, you will be able to add your own make-up and colors for a variety or more dramatic looks.

What should I expect following my procedure?

We will discuss the specifics of your case, but normally, you will be instructed to lightly apply ointment or oils for approximately four days after the procedure to aid healing.  Make-up and contact lenses may be resumed when the ointment is discontinued.

Does it hurt?

The most common response to getting a procedure is, “It is more annoying than it is painful.”  Most people describe a mild scratching sensation. There are some that will say it hurts. Everyone perceives pain differently. Someone that has very light skin (true redheads or true blondes with blue eyes) will be a little more sensitive than a person that has olive or darker skin. Pain is also directly related to how much you want the procedure.

Here at Customeyes Ink we use the most effective topical anesthetics available. This makes the procedure surprisingly comfortable. It only takes a short time to apply the make-up and it is not a discomfort that lingers after the procedure is finished. Lip procedures require getting a lip block from the Dentist so there is no pain involved during the procedure. We work very closely with Great Lakes Dental, a very prominent office in Mentor, and we will make an appointment for you that will coincide with your lip procedure. There will be some discomfort for a few days after. The lips are a very vascular area and heal very differently. This will be explained in depth during a consultation.

How long does the procedure take?

Eyeliner and or eyebrow procedures usually take 1-1 ½ hours. Lip procedures take a little longer.

What are the costs of a typical procedure?

Eyeliner…upper or lower only $300
upper & lower together $500

Eyebrows range from $350 to $550... a firm price will be quoted with your personalized consultation

Full lips, lip liner or lip augmentation range from $450 to $600... a firm price will be quoted with your personalized consultation

All prices are include one follow-up visit to take pictures and make any adjustments if necessary.  Occasionally clients realize they would like a little more thickness or depth of color after wearing their new permanent make-up during that first month.

What colors can I chose from?

There are a full range of colors to choose from.  Your imagination is the only limit.  We suggest you wear and or bring your favorite colors with you for the consultation.   You will be asked about the colors you now use and suggestions can be given so that your permanent make-up will look as natural or dramatic as you would like.
Is the procedure safe?

Permanent make-up is an invasive procedure.  The skin is opened via micro-insertions to implant pigment.  The highest quality single-service sterilized disposable needles are used for each procedure.  Special precautions, including the use of surgical gloves, are followed during all procedures to enhance safety.  Your procedure will be performed by a highly qualified, experienced professional to ensure a safe procedure and beautiful results.

Is the entire procedure done at one visit?

The application of your permanent make-up will be completed at your first visit. There will be a follow-up visit required 4-8 weeks after the original application to review if you would like something thicker, darker, longer, and wider or just to look at the results and get some after pictures. This visit is usually only about 20 minutes. Lip follow-up visits are 8-12 weeks out as the lips take longer to heal properly.

Do you have pictures of your work?

Many pictures are available of my work.  The pictures are very helpful to see what other people have done as well as show you what you might expect to experience immediately after your procedure.  Some pictures are taken during the procedure to show how drastic the changes to your appearance can be.

How long have you been in the business?

My apprenticeship as a tattooist began in 1987.  The process of learning the craft of conventional tattooing was a very rewarding and unique experience.  After one year I started applying my knowledge to cosmetic applications and have been creating beautiful, low maintenance, faces with permanent make-up ever since.

What are your credentials?

My credentials and continuing education are constantly growing.  I believe you must never stop learning in this profession.  Please click here to see a more detailed listing of my credentials.

Is a consultation necessary?

Yes.  The consultation ensures that you are fully educated as to what the procedure involves and that we know exactly what you the consumer expects.  Pictures are used to explain some procedures and you will be asked a series of questions about your medical history and expectations to insure a successful outcome.  Pre and post procedure concerns are also discussed so that you have all the information necessary to make an educated decision.

Is it really permanent?

The permanency of any cosmetic application will depend on many variables.  The most important factor is the expertise of the person doing the procedure.  They must be able to show competence and skill in their field.  They must know their equipment and that the pigments they are using are the best available.  The condition of the skin, is it thick or thin, wrinkled or supple, old or young, are some of the factors that contribute to how long a procedure will be vibrant.  The sun plays a major role in longevity as well.  Most people don’t need any adjustment in color for usually 4-8 years following the initial procedure.  Everyone is different and your particular situation will be discussed during a consultation.

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