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The permanent make-up you decided to have will be applied with precision to meet your needs. Before any make-up application, a consultation is required. This will ensure you that your new permanent make-up will look exactly the way you want it. All instruments used are singe-used.  Prior to every procedure, they are sterilized with state-of-the-art equipment and modem procedures.

Forget about pencil! Your new permanent make-up will keep your eyebrows simple, elegant, and everyday without a hassle. You can finally have some freedom from the aggravation of applying your eyebrows every morning.


Permanent eyeliner makes your lashes look lovely and fuller. A solid line or a softer look is achieved by applying small amounts of pigments onto the base of your lash line.


Filling in between lashes with a matching color to give a fuller look.


Lips can be defined with color so they appear larger and more defined without make-up. Adjustments can also be made for lips that are not symmetrical.

An even, smooth color can be applied for lips that have lost vibrancy. Sometimes the aging process and or sun can rob original color.


Permanent make-up can even reshape your lips to your liking. Make them fuller or just more vibrant. Colors are available in many shades, designed to match the luscious, natural color of your lips.

Permanent Cosmetics, also referred to as Intradermal Cosmetics, Micro-dermal Pigmentation Cosmetic Tattooing or Permanent Make-up, is a specialized, very intricate technique of implanting pigment into the dermis of the skin.  This procedure differs very little, if any, from the way a tattoo is put on the body.

I personally would suggest that permanent make-up is applied to look soft and very natural to enhance existing features.  Some may choose a more dramatic look but should try also to think 10-20 years down the road and think if you’re going to want such a dramatic look.  Facial features change over the years.  A good technician should talk to you about this prior to a procedure.

Your Permanent Make-up will be applied with state of the art sterilized equipment in a clean comfortable environment.  The make-up applied will be with precision to meet requests outlined in your consultation to ensure it will look exactly the way you would like.

Permanent cosmetics can also restore original color to features to that have lost pigmentation over time or have need of adjustment in the case of breast augmentation from mastectomy operations, cleft palate reconstruction, and sometimes to help camouflage scars.

Please contact our office to set up a consultation to see if permanent make-up or medical tattooing is the right choice for you.

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