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About the artist:  Carol Parks,  CT, CLT, CLP
  Carol Parks: Credentials

Carol Parks, CT, CLT, CLP, owner of Customeyes Ink, began her career in 1987.

After completing an 18-month apprenticeship, she opened her own practice; Mentor, Ohio's first tattoo studio, featuring both conventional and cosmetic tattooing.

Carol is licensed in Cosmetic Therapy by the Ohio State Medical Board.

She assisted the Lake County Board of Health in drafting industry regulations, standards, and protocols to be followed by all establishments in Lake County, Ohio.

Carol Parks owns and operates Customeyes Ink and Electrolysis  

During your training at Customeyes Institute of Permanent Cosmetics and Medical Tattooing, you will receive 120 hours of comprehensive training.  We begin with the basics and move towards mastery of the art, science, and business of tattooing.

In the 1990s, Carol was the driving force in creating and implementing rules and regulations for safe tattooing and piercing practices for the government of the British West Indies.

She graciously provided make-up services for the Cleveland Browns movie "Masters of the Gridiron" in 1986. The movie was a part of a series of short films produced to raise money for the United Way foundation.

She taught brow techniques at the Cosmetic Tattoo Symposium in Arlington, Texas.

Most recently, Carol won first place in the Expert Division of a competition for permanent cosmetics at the International Intradermal Cosmetics Expo in Dallas, Texas.


National Tattoo Association (since 1989)

Cosmetic Therapy Association of Ohio (on Board of Directors 1990–1998)
Alliance of Professional Tattooists
Alliance for Safe Practices
Allied Health Association

Carol Parks, CT, CLT, CLP

       Phone:  440.974.7966

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