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Welcome to Award-Winning Permanent Cosmetics
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With Permanent Cosmetics you will always look fresh and have Perfect Make-Up.
Perfect Make up 24-7,  is easy, safe and affordable!
Imagine, waking up to makeup!

Permanent Cosmetics can give you freedom from daily make-up application.  Join the millions of women who are already enjoying their Perfect Make-up,  24/7. 

You too, can experience the joy of renewed self esteem
and the
easy life style of permanent make up.

Specializing in:

Darkening and Lightening of Eyebrows, Lipliner, Upper and Lower Eyeliner, medical tattooing, beauty marks, electrolysis
and medical tattooing.

Imagine having make-up that wears so well, that you never have to touch it up.  Well, imagine no more! 

You can literally save 15 to 30 minutes every morning with permanent make-up, and best of all, it looks better than conventional make-up, all day, everyday.  Permanent make-up is not only lasting,  but far more intricate and perfect than daily application.

It will look great after swimming and perfect after every strenuous work out. It won’t run if you’re crying, smear on his collar while kissing, smudge on a glass, or even rub or scratch off.  When you’re out to dinner you don’t have to run to the powder room to freshen up your lipstick. You will be saving the wear and tear on you skin of putting it on and washing it off.

Customeyes Ink

Carol Parks: CT, CLT, CLP 
Established in 1989

Since 1989,  Customeyes Ink has been helping people lead a more productive life, by helping to increase their self-esteem through Permanent Cosmetics.  Please enjoy and read through our website to learn about permanent make-up and how it can make your life easier or help someone you love lead a less stressful life.

Master technician, Carol Parks has been in the Permanent Cosmetic field for almost 28 years.   Her work with Cancer survivors, has helped many regain their self esteem and joy, after having lost all or most of their hair to Chemotherapy. 
Carol claims that this work has proven to be the most fulfilling thing she has ever done, and a godsend for many. 

Looking your best at all times helps everyone feel goods and perform better during all daily activities.  Different issues can sometimes make what sounds like a simple task very hard for some. Vision and perception can be an issue as well as dexterity and health problems when it comes to applying your make-up
Anyone that’s been confined to a hospital bed has had to suffer with less than perfect visions knows how much it helps your outlook when you’re ill if you can at least look good with little or no effort during that time.

The benefits are life enhancing.

  Upper and lower  permanent eyeliner


Eyebrows and upper eyeliner     


 Lower eyeliner
immediately after

      Eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner, lips and lip liner

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Carol Parks: CT, CLT, CLP 
Owner of  Customeyes Ink

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